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2018 Keynote Address

Andy Fastow, former CFO, Enron

Andy FastowDespite today’s more regulated and enlightened business environment, we continue to witness “Enron-esque” failures of corporate governance and compliance. Enron’s former CFO will make observations about how the ambiguity and complexity of laws and regulations breeds opportunity for problematic decisions and will discuss what questions corporate directors, management, attorneys, fraud examiners and auditors should ask, in order to ensure that their companies not only follow the rules, but uphold the principles behind them.

Todd Davis, Chief People Officer, FranklinCovey

Todd DavisTodd Davis has over 30 years of experience in human resources, talent development, executive recruiting, sales, and marketing. He has been with FranklinCovey for over 20 years, and currently serves as chief people officer and executive vice president, responsible for global talent development in over 40 offices and 160 countries. As a former director of the Innovations Group, he led the development of many of FranklinCovey’s core offerings. Davis also served as the company’s director of recruitment, responsible for attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent, including more than 3,500 employees. He has delivered numerous keynote addresses and speeches at top industry conferences, associations, and corporate events.

Todd has served on the Board of Directors for and is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Todd is extremely passionate about teaching and living the universal, timeless principles and concepts contained in FranklinCovey content.  He strongly believes that to become a true leader you must first “Be the Change”.  He diligently strives to be a model of what he teaches.

I really enjoyed the Micro Topic Sessions. Good high level data. Ann Rucker


Effectively structured event and the content was timely and excellent. John Bickel, Jr.

CPC Logistics

Great seminar. Very well done. Bailey Pipkin

The Pictsweet Company

2019 Sponsors

I’ve been a partner/sponsor at the event almost going back to its inception. We feel that it’s a value to us as a firm to partner with Lockton because it’s a worthy platform to provide education and networking for our brokers not only with Lockton associates, but with the insured’s we partner together on as well. The Symposium has done a tremendous job of keeping the content fresh and providing value each and every year. Matthew Brott


We have attended, participated in, and sponsored the Lockton Complex Risk Symposium for several years now. As a relatively young firm, we have found that our sponsorship has been helpful in continuing to build brand awareness in the insurance community, and the networking opportunities provided by the Symposium have proven very valuable to us. The Claro Group is proud to be a sponsor. John Cadarette, Jr.

The Claro Group

It has been a great pleasure to support and take part in your Complex Risk Symposiums. Annually it is a phenomenal event and the bar gets set higher year after year. There are many great attributes of the forum however undoubtedly for me the main aspects include the content of the seminar including always timely and very important topics in our constantly changing industry, and the views from very senior insurance company leaders. Yourself and Lockton put a ton of work into this, it is a wonderfully organized event, and it shows. The Risk Management community that takes part, and other esteemed insurance markets, make this a “who’s who” event for the industry and the symposium allows plenty of opportunities for learning where the industry sits today, the primary exposure topics at front of mind, and ultimately how to be a better risk manager. Kent Ochs